What does it take to become an Imagine Realty Agent?

Here at Imagine Realty, we are always searching for top-notch real estate agents to join our hardworking team. We are an exclusive, boutique-style real estate brokerage whose main goal is client happiness. We feel that the best real estate agents truly get to know their clients on a personal level in order to provide them with the supreme customer service they desire when purchasing or selling their home. Maintaining a well-formed team of superstar agents that fit the criteria set forth by Imagine Realty’s founders is crucial to our company’s image portrayal throughout our community. Here are the qualities that Imagine Realty agents possess:

Imagine Realty agents must be detail-oriented, competent, and hardworking. We take pride in our high level of industry knowledge, and we pay meticulous attention to detail, in order to avoid ever inconveniencing our clients or making them do something twice. Intelligence and organization play major roles in the successes of our agents!

Imagine Realty agents are reliable and friendly! We are always on time for our appointments, and we take the time to speak deeply with our customers not just about their real estate needs, but about who they are as people in our communities. We form lifelong relationships with our clients, and we care about every aspect of their lives- our interactions go far beyond the closing table, and we want our agents to engage in such a manner that puts everyone around them at ease and shows how much we value our clients’ time and business.

Imagine Realty agents must be able to work in a relaxed environment, in order to keep our clients calm and stress-free throughout their transactions. Our agents are eager to educate clients, and to answer any questions they may have. They are also willing to seek continuing education and trainings so that they may remain current and cutting-edge in our industry!

Finally, Imagine Realty agents should fit into the culture of the company, as intended by its founders. We pride ourselves on maintaining a calm, relaxed vibe while simultaneously showing tenacity, intelligence, respect, care, and friendliness throughout our dealings. Customers have many brokerage options to choose from when deciding to purchase or sell a home, but Imagine Realty has to be their go-to choice. Let’s all work together to spread the word on what true Florida living is all about, and what a full-service real estate brokerage should really look like!

If you feel that you meet all of the above criteria as a real estate agent, then please contact us today. No matter whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or a brand new agent, if you fit our criteria, we want you on our team!