The Founders

Bruno Fernandez photo

Bruno Fernandez, the Founder/Broker of Imagine Realty, was born and raised in Lugo, Spain! Upon graduating from Law School, he moved to the United States in 1996 and has taken the world by storm ever since. His work experience ranges widely from teaching, to becoming an assistant principal and dean, to banking, to creating non-profit organizations, to where he truly found his life work’s passion: real estate. Bruno formally earned his US Citizenship in 2008, and he created his first real estate investment company shortly after. It is here that he discovered his love for helping families purchase the homes that he had poured his blood, sweat, and tears into creating for them. He knew from then on that real estate was his passion and his calling. The name “Imagine” to Bruno represents all of the amazing possibilities and doors that were opened for him upon moving to the United States. He always imagined a life where anything was possible, regardless of one’s background, education, ethnicity, social status- none of it matters here in the Land of Opportunity, and he will never stop carrying out his passion through the motivation he and his wife have ignited inside themselves together with their creation of Imagine Realty.

(727) 254-9464


Katie Fernandez photo

Katie Fernandez, the Founder/Broker of Imagine Realty, was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, but always spent more time with her friends and family in Tampa and St. Petersburg, so she really has three hometowns! After graduating from Florida State University, she moved to Chicago, Illinois and left her mark on the Windy City for two years. After realizing that she was too far away from her family and the beautiful sunshine, Katie moved back to St. Petersburg and taught high school math for three years. It was actually at this school that she and Bruno met! After their wedding in February 2018, she retired from the classroom to become a full-time Realtor, and has never looked back since. Katie and Bruno knew upon meeting each other that they had to use their go-getter, lighthearted spirits to help people together. Katie jumped on board with Bruno’s real estate investment company, and fell in love with the industry from there. She believes that they are an amazing team, and that they work incredibly hard to communicate their ideas and goals with each other. When Bruno mentioned wanting to start a brokerage, there was no question in either of their minds that it was going to happen, and he always had his wife’s support every step of the way. The name “Imagine” to Katie represents not only carrying on the legacy of care, kindness, and inclusion instilled within her by her grandmother, but also letting her imagination run wild with Bruno in their life, their love, and this wonderful, trustworthy company that they have created together from scratch.

Cell: (727) 239-9297
Office: (727) 504-8909

Our Team

Carrie James (St Pete/Tampa Bay)

Carrie is a Kansas City native who has also lived in central Ohio.  She has a strong Midwestern work ethic, and an incredibly diversified background.  Imagine this:  she is a college professor, radiographer, singer, pastor, facility maintenance manager, business owner, and the list goes on!  Do not let this sway you- she is tenacious and passionate about the Real Estate industry.  Her diversified background is a huge plus in helping her clients spread their horizons, ensuring that they purchase a home they absolutely love!

Jessica Stone photo

Jessica Stone (Lakeland/Tampa Bay)

Jessica Stone is a Florida Girl, born and raised in the sunshine. She loves her hometown of beautiful Lakeland, and the surrounding areas of Central Florida as well.  After attending college on a full-ride volleyball scholarship, Jessica had the opportunity to live in multiple states- including Texas and Georgia. While traveling is an adventure she still actively enjoys, ultimately she was drawn back home by the allure of the ocean waves, sunshine, and proximity to her family. After returning home, Jessica pursued a rewarding career and served her community through veterinary medicine. She was even part of the team responsible for providing medical care for the swans of the City of Lakeland!  She later went on to specialize in the intense field of critical care/emergency referral services. Jessica has always had a special place in her heart for home and family, which ultimately drew her into the world of Real Estate.  Her passion for helping others has transitioned flawlessly into this field, where she gets to form relationships with her clients and help them with the biggest decisions of their lives!  Jessica is fueled with a fire to succeed, and truly wants what is best for her clients.  She is a family-woman who cannot wait to help you buy or sell your home with Imagine Realty!

“It was a pleasure working with Jessica.  She was highly professional- we will use and recommend her again!”
-Sabina Grbic, First-Time Home Buyer

Zack Higgins (Orlando/West Palm Beach/Denver, CO)

Zack Higgins is a Florida native, originally from West Palm Beach, but has lived in Central Florida for the past ten years. Zack attended UCF and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and a Masters in sport and exercise science. During his time at UCF, Zack played competitive tennis and was able to travel and explore all throughout Florida playing in various tournaments. His love of sports and helping people came together when he started working at a tennis academy in Orlando after graduation.
Zack brings the same level of passion and care that has made him a great coach into the Real Estate industry.  He makes the process of finding your dream home easy and stress-free! 
“I highly recommend Zack as your Realtor. He is very attentive, a strong negotiator with kind communication skills. He is very dedicated and professional!”
– L. Hernandez, Seller
“I sold and bought a home with Imagine Realty. My Realtor was Zack Higgins. He went above and beyond himself to walk me through the Real Estate industry. He was there for me every step of the way. Zack you were awesome!”
– P. White, Seller

Francesca de Laurentiis (Fort Lauderdale/South FL)

Francesca is a Fort Lauderdale native, serving customers across the state of Florida. Born into a culturally diverse Columbian-Italian family, Francesca is trilingual (English, Italian and Spanish), with Spanish as her first language!

Instantly falling in love with the West Coast cotton-candy sunsets, she moved to Tampa to pursue a career in the insurance industry.  However, she discovered through working in Real Estate that she has a great passion for helping individuals with the biggest decision of their lives!  She has a primary focus of working with first time homebuyers, and provides wonderful coaching and insight into helping her clients make informed buyers’ decisions.

Working at her Colombian family-owned hotel from a young age, Francesca learned to pay great attention to detail, customer service, and property management skills. She is known for her unmatched devotion to her clients, and strives daily to exceed their expectations. Clients appreciate her flexibility, accurate home market pricing, and ability to listen to their goals and desires.

In her free time, you can find Francesca volunteering at animal and homeless shelters, fostering dogs, and exploring nature.

Francesca can help you with any of your Real Estate needs!

Hablo Español          Io parlo Italiano

Michael Alicea (St Pete/Clearwater/Tampa Bay)

Michael Alicea was born and raised in Upstate New York in the wonders of the Hudson before making the move to St. Petersburg, Florida. He enjoys the warm winters that the Sunshine State offers, and does not miss the snow and cold weather one bit! He spent the past 10 years working in the Social Services field assisting individuals struggling with addictions. He now transfers his desire to help people into the Real Estate industry. He obtained his license and set his goal of assisting buyers, sellers, and real estate investors with completing their transactions as smoothly as possible. 

When Michael is not working, he spends his free time on the gorgeous local beaches of Pinellas County. He also loves to play handball, and is a member of the Pinellas County 3-wall handball team! 

He says: “If you are thinking about moving to Florida…call me. If you are thinking of selling your home…call me. If you are thinking of investing in real estate…call me. Just have a question? I’m here- call me!” 

Crystal Williams (Palm Harbor/Belleair/Tampa Bay)


Crystal has been trained by some of the best in the nation like Gene Rivers from Florida and Marc King from St. Louis, MO. They have trained her to be the top in communication, customer service, and negotiation~ she has even trained with Chris Voss, a former top FBI hostage negotiator to perfect her negotiation skills!  Her first year in the industry, she was an active part of 70+ closed properties. The most productive quarter she has ever had was with 47 simultaneously pending properties! She has also worked directly with David Jones, the CEO of Southern AZ and Coach for Mega Agents, and Rob Daniel, the Productivity Coach for Orlando, FL Agents. She worked on a successful high-producing team, grew exponentially, and is now working as an individual. She has always enjoyed growing and improving in her career!  


Crystal found her niche in Luxury and Investment Real Estate. Naturally, we know first time homebuyers go hand-in-hand with investment-type-properties, due to the nature of the homes, and she really enjoys working with first time buyers/investors. She has been licensed in Florida since 2017, and before that she was a successful agent in Missouri. Crystal was born in LA, grew up in San Diego, and spent 10 of her college and early adulthood years in Southern Missouri. She has moved across the country herself, making her an expert in relocation. She also has a brother who is an investor, and is close friends with other investors in commercial businesses like Andy’s Frozen Custard, a local gymnastics & cheer gym, and numerous rental properties. To sum this up, if you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in Real Estate, Crystal will be of great help to you.


Initially, there is a strategy planning session in person or online, allowing everyone to best understand how, when, and what to communicate. This session is vital and most Agents don’t take the time to listen and understand each situation to the level that Crystal does. This session sets expectations for both clients and for Crystal, and allows our future conversations to be more productive.


Crystal has previously been recognized as one of the top ISA (Real Estate Marketing) directors. She was also voted and elected as the lead of a team of eight Realtors in a local project based on her skills. Crystal is licensed in both Florida and Missouri, making her well-rounded on relocation. She also graduated multiple extensive extracurricular trainings for marketing and negotiation. The majority of Agents work only part time, but Crystal has dedicated her career to be a full time agent since she was only 21 years old!


Crystal supports the charities Mercy Ministries, CRU, and Gary Keesee. Back in the day, she coached gymnastics because of her love for the sport. She used to model as a hobby, and signed with Richie Walls Entertainment, but doesn’t have time for it these days! She loves to travel a few times every year to the West Coast, desert, or mountains. She and her husband have been together since 2010, and have two beautiful daughters who enjoy dancing and spending time with their friends.


Her commitment to you as a business partner is to consistently keep you updated and informed to make this experience as seamless as possible. Crystal makes the processes of buying/selling/investing about you and your needs, and she does all of this in hopes that you will tell people how glad you were that you partnered up with her to take you through this home buying/selling/investing journey together. Communication and consistent updates prevent emotional roller coasters by being PROactive to situations vs the typical REactive behavior of most Agents.

If you have any questions, or need any recommendations for contractors, architects, repairmen, etc… reach out to Crystal~ she is always happy to put in a good word for other trustworthy people in the industry!

Damir Mujkic (St Pete/Tampa Bay)

I have over $20 million in sales (and counting!), and numerous satisfied clients. I never settle for less than complete satisfaction.

I have built my successful business by focusing on my clients. The key principal that I run my business on is valuing relationships over transactions. Buying, selling, and investing in real estate is an exciting and complex adventure. It can also be a very time-consuming and costly one if you’re not familiar with all aspects of the process, and if you do not have the best information and resources at hand. I pride myself on educating and empowering my clients to fulfill their dreams. I help my clients balance the qualitive and quantitative choices to obtain the best possible outcome.  I know that homeownership is the result of hard work and sacrifice. To be part of the process is a privilege and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

I bring the knowledge, experience, and connections that have come from involvement in many real estate transactions. My comprehensive, high-quality services can save you time and money, as well as make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Finance, I spent the first four years of my career providing consulting services (at Deloitte and Protiviti) to the real estate industry, Fortune 500 companies, and federal agencies. Subsequently, I worked for Freddie Mac in a senior position, so I have truly worked within the full spectrum of the real estate industry. This past experience has been invaluable in seeing the larger picture. These experiences have led to a highly data-driven approach – tracking the heartbeat of the local market and understanding the implications of the macro environment.

Providing my clients with comprehensive high-quality service is my top priority. So when you decide to buy, sell, and/or invest please contact me and let’s get started!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love talking real estate – there is no commitment and no pressure.C

Bella Guillen (Miami/South FL)

Bella is an immigrant who was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, New York in Sunset Park- a neighborhood that was so named because of the elevation of the park and its views of the sunset and the Manhattan skyscrapers. The row houses of brownstones and the different backgrounds of the community inspired her interest in Real Estate! Her parents owned their business where, during her childhood, she learned to pay attention to details and to treat each customer with integrity. 

Her professional journey in Real Estate started 15 years ago when she accepted a part-time position in a brokerage firm for one year while she simultaneously served in the Pharmaceutical industry AND completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/Sales! She has worked with some of the largest Pharmacy Benefit Managers, hospitals, first responders, specialties, retailers, and independent pharmacies nationwide. Being a risk-taker, Bella moved to Miami in 2017. She was focusing in Pharmaceutical Sales, and managed the territory of Miami, eventually expanding her reach throughout Key West, Naples, and Fort Myers. She earned a strong referral base due to her dedication, communication, and professionalism. Her sales expertise, negotiation skills, knowledge, persistence, empathy, transparency, and strong work ethic are incredibly valuable assets that she carries throughout her client dealings. She believes that appreciation is the key to any relationship, and she treats her customers with integrity and respect in every transaction. She takes pride in saying that she has earned her strong ethics from both of her immigrant parents!
During her free time, Bella is volunteering and helping those in need, training outdoors, doing Pilates, or reading. She loves to travel with family and explore the city of Miami, where she has further developed her passion for Real Estate. 

Bella is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is a member of the National Association of Realtors, and is committed to help you accomplish your dream- whether you’re looking to buy, sell or invest with Imagine Realty! 

Hablo Español

Heather Schultz (Sarasota/Venice/Tampa Bay)

Heather was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois until the tender age of 10, when she moved to Bradenton, Florida with her family. She has now been a resident of the Bradenton/Sarasota area for over 40 years, and growing up here has afforded her the opportunity to get to know both cities very well.  She absolutely loves what Bradenton and Sarasota each have to offer in their own unique ways.

Heather now resides in Sarasota with her daughter, who is on her way to college in the fall!  She plans to keep busy not only as a Realtor assisting buyers and sellers achieve their Real Estate goals and dreams, but also as a paralegal with a local prestigious law firm, where she has worked for over 10 years. Heather enjoys all things outdoors and works hard at maintaining a healthy balance between work and play. She is excited to join our team, and looks forward to making your dreams come true! 

Dr. Michael Kowalski (Fort Myers/Bradenton/Riverview/Tampa Bay)

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself! I was born in New York City and grew up on Long Island, graduating from the “famous” Great Neck South High School. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I also played baseball. UNC Chapel Hill is known for being an excellent academic institution and the first public university in the USA (not just a great basketball school!).

In 1997 I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College of Chiropractic, and have helped thousands of patients achieve their health care goals in South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, and here in Florida. With me as your Realtor, it’s a win-win~ as we work together to align your real estate goals, I can even align your spine!! Although I’ve been out of baseball and athletics for many years, I enjoy biking, weight training, cooking yummy healthy meals, and traveling. I am married with two children. My wife (LeeAnn) is an anesthesia provider, my son Caleb (Indiana University graduate) is married and living in Kentucky; and my daughter Sarah is an extremely talented actress living in New York City.

As a Realtor licensed in Florida, I’m excited to be working under Imagine Realty!! My primary goal is to focus on my clients’ various needs, dreams, and goals from the moment we meet and beyond by providing strategic marketing and transaction management. I am committed toward helping as many people as possible achieve their real estate goals in whatever capacity that may be. Rest assured, I will listen to you! With an understanding of your needs and wants, I will do my best to help you achieve them all! Look me up on Facebook and Instagram for some spontaneous, fun, informative and entertaining things 🙂 See you soon!

Stefanie Boettner (Stuart/Port St Lucie/Palm Bay)

Stefanie Boettner comes with over 21 years of retail management and customer service experience.  Now, she is excited to be turning that customer service focus toward Real Estate.  Whether you are buying your first home, looking for investment properties, or selling your home to make way for that next chapter in your life, Stefanie’s passion for service will help you on your way!

As a proud member of Imagine Realty’s team, Stefanie carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding customer service into everything she does.  Her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always put her clients first ensure that she continually exceeds her clients’ expectations.

Stefanie’s other passion is spending time in the great outdoors!  She especially loves to camp, hike, and kayak. She also enjoys spending time with her adorable cat, George.

Stefanie is located in Port St. Lucie and is happy to call The Treasure Coast her home! She is looking forward to helping with your home buying and selling needs!

Jamie Cobb (St Pete/Gulfport/Tampa Bay)

Jamie Cobb was born and raised in central and southern Indiana.  She comes from an Information Technology background and has a love of project management, solving problems and developing client relationships.  While she began working remotely, she recognized the opportunity to move to the Sunshine State, and considers herself a true Floridian.  Real Estate has always been a lifelong passion of Jamie’s, so she decided to pursue obtaining her license and extending her love of helping people. 

Utilizing her experiences with buying and selling homes, she is sure to provide an unmatched level of customer service and coaching that her clients will trust and appreciate.  Call her anytime to get started with your goal!

“Jamie Cobb was so organized, helpful, professional and fun that house hunting was not stressful at all. She lined up listings well in advance and gave us ample time to get there and move on to the next property, sometimes seeing 5 houses in a day. The timing and the market just weren’t working in our favor but when the market stabilizes, without a doubt I’ll work with Jamie Cobb again.”

Dianelis Gongora (St Pete/Tampa Bay)

Dianelis was born and raised in Cuba. She moved to Kentucky at a young age, where she earned her Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

A few years later, she moved to St. Petersburg to be closer to her family. Her enthusiasm for helping others inspired her passion for Real Estate, and she enjoys working hard for her clients to guide them through one of the biggest investments of their lives!

Hablo Español

Maelisa Coombs (St Pete/Tampa Bay)

Helping to build a bridge to the essential needs of her customer, Maelisa has a passion for service and is ready to help with your home buying and selling needs.  As a proud member of the Imagine Realty family, Maelisa carries the values of hard work, integrity, and outstanding client services into everything she does.  

Prior to joining Imagine, Maelisa enjoyed an extensive career in Retail that spanned more than 20 years, and has provided her with valuable skills that she uses daily in her business.  

Collaborative, patient, and a great listener, Maelisa respects her customers, offering honesty and integrity.  She has built a solid reputation in her community through her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always put her customer’s needs first.  She prides herself on building trust with her customers through communication and transparency.  

A native of New York, Maelisa grew up in Central New Jersey.  In 2013, she relocated to Southwest Florida for her corporate career and later moved to the Tampa Bay area.  She holds a degree in business with a concentration in Finance, and has studied graduate level courses in Marketing at Liberty University, as well as Interior Design with the NY Institute of Art and Design.

Maelisa is passionate about travel (her favorite location to date is Spain!) and home design (she curates assortments of home furnishings for a local shop in St. Pete!).

In her free time, she takes full advantage of the nature and outdoor lifestyle that Florida offers, enjoying time at local parks, running, biking and yoga.

Leslie Waldburg (Jacksonville)

I have been a resident of Jacksonville, Florida for over 40 years. I have traveled the state and am knowledgeable with all of the surrounding areas. My love for Real Estate began in November of 1996 when I purchased my first home. Since then, I have wanted each and every person to feel that warm and inviting feeling when they imagine themselves in that special place of their own, the place they can call home.

Throughout the years, I have worked in many areas of public relations. Whether pastoring, visiting with my patients in the hospital, or whatever the circumstances may be, at the end of the day the final conversation ends with “I just want to go home.” 

Since that day, I made a decision to help as many people as I can to achieve home ownership. Whether it is your first home or your dream home, I want to be the Realtor that leads you home. So I ask you to “Let Leslie Lead you home.”

Sebastian Quijano (Miami/Orlando)

Sebastian is originally from Peru!  He moved to Miami in 2015, where he obtained his A.A. in Computer Science, as well as his Real Estate License.  He is committed to listening to his clients’ needs, providing excellent customer service, and working incredibly hard to foster relationships & successful deals.

Hablo Español

Carlos Sandi (Orlando/Melbourne)

Carlos Sandi was born in Montana to a lifelong and multigenerational military family. He grew up in South Florida and graduated from West Melbourne Christian Academy. After graduating, he joined the United States Army as a Petroleum Supply Specialist and a Wheeled Vehicle Operator where he served proudly for three years and twenty-one weeks.  After serving, he worked in both the finance and automotive industries.

He is an avid sport fisherman as well as a fly angler. He is a student pilot, advanced open water diver, and spearfisherman. Carlos began his career as a Realtor in 2022. He is an expert problem solver and communicator, and will always go above and beyond to help his clients achieve their real estate goals. His creative methods and thinking serve his clients in an unmatched fashion. If you are considering buying or selling a home, he and the Imagine Realty team are here to serve you.

Stephanie Perez (Lakeland/Tampa Bay)

Stephanie is a Florida native, but her heart is from Puerto Rico. She has a great understanding of real estate and investing, as she watched her father grow his construction business from the ground up. She has a passion for helping others find opportunities and achieve their goals.

In her free time, she loves to take quick trips back to the island to relax and look for her next real estate investment. Stephanie is fluent in Spanish and always goes the extra mile to cover all client needs. With over 10+ years of customer service and negotiating skills, she is ready to find you the perfect home or next flip project!

Hablo Español

Jon Randall (Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch/Palmetto/Tampa Bay)

Jon is a native New Yorker who moved to Sarasota in 2020. He spent summers in the Tampa Bay Area as a child and has been in love with the area since his first visit.

As a Realtor, he enjoys connecting with clients from all across the country to find their dream home in sunny Southwest Florida. With over 15 years of experience in IT, Jon also has recently worked as a commercial helicopter pilot!

He prides himself on his unwavering work ethic, and will stop at nothing to ensure his clients are content.

Polly Kelly (Fort Myers/Port Charlotte/North Port)

Originally from Rochester, Michigan, Polly Kelly is an enthusiastic, ex-corporate design professional with more than thirty years of experience in the hospitality & retail industries. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, her first career path landed her a visual merchandising job at Dillards. From that point, she started freelancing her decorating skills until a second degree in Interior Design was inevitable.

Around 2000, she started drafting for an architect in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is familiar with architectural documents, building codes, remodels, custom design, and historic preservation.

While in Arizona, living and working at The Grand Canyon, she successfully designed and managed various interior projects for The National Parks, The Queen Mary, and The Gideon Putnam Hotel. Over the course of twenty years, her unique background led eighteen different moves throughout four about a relocation specialist!!

Not one to get in a rut for too long, Polly tried a variety of other things along the way; bartender, flight attendant, and hotel manager, to name a few, before her husband wore her down and finally convinced her to try real estate! As a true “people person,” she knew her husband was right, and this was truly the next step for her.

In 2017, Polly and her family finally made it to Florida and a career in real estate was just around the corner. Polly not only has education and life experience, but she has also moved all over the country and lived in all different types of homes…she can truly help!

Tara Kirkpatrick (Dade City/Zephyrhills/Tampa Bay)

Tara is a native Floridian, born in Dade City and raised in Zephyrhills.  She is a mother, business owner, and Realtor.  She has an exceptional eye for detail from her experience working in the finance industry!  Her immense familiarity of Dade City and its surrounding areas allows her to find the best locations, A+ school zones, and other search criteria that her clients desire.  She services all of Pasco County and its surrounding areas- call her today to buy or sell your home!

Roberto Jimenez (Tampa)

Hi! My name is Roberto Jimenez, and I’m passionate about helping you find your dream home. As a young and hungry real estate agent, my mission is to go above and beyond to meet your needs. With dedication and a commitment to fairness, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure you get the exceptional service you deserve. 
Let’s turn your dream home into a reality together!

Iz Munz (Jacksonville)

As a licensed Realtor for over 25 years, Iz has mountains of experience in the world of Real Estate!  Although she specializes in new construction home sales in Jacksonville and its surrounding areas, she is also a wonderful and highly knowledgeable listing agent!  She would love to work with you to either sell your home, or to purchase your next house or investment property!  Call Iz today!

Jenny Looney (Daytona)

Jenny moved to South Daytona from Bethpage, Long Island, where she raised her 2 handsome sons, Johnny & Jackie.
She originally came to Florida for a 3 month visit with her family, but fell in love with the laid-back vibe and the year-round “Summer fun” that the Florida sunshine provides!
Jenny enjoys woodworking, and is a total animal lover.  She travels around with her furry sidekick, Stevie Nicks.  Jenny
has a strong background in bookkeeping and accounting, and she has been providing outstanding customer service to her clients for over 20 years.  She has a passion for exceeding her customers’ needs and expectations and laying the foundation for building strong relationships that last.
Call Jenny today to buy or sell your home in South Daytona!

Sullymar Diaz (West Palm Beach/ South Florida)

Sullymar was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and moved to West Palm Beach, Florida in 2019. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Intelligence, and Associates Degrees in both Medical Billing and Coding!
Her first job was in the retail industry, giving her over 12 years’ experience with customer service. This is why one of her main passions is high-quality service to her customers- she always wants to give her clients the best experience of their lives. This feeling is what motivates her throughout her career in Real Estate as well!
If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in South Florida, call Sullymar today!
Hablo Español

Lisa Sharpe (Melbourne/Port St Lucie/Stuart)

In her former life, Lisa studied Medical Billing and Coding. She also attended college to study Psychology and Criminal Justice. She is a part of the National Honor Society for leadership and success.  Lisa mentored medical students for a year and a half. She worked for over 20 years in both retail and the travel industry.
Lisa has a drive and passion for everything she does. Her personality shines like no other- she is very optimistic and energetic, which is contagious to her happy customers- many of whom she has built very strong relationships with! She will go above and beyond for those around her.
Most recently, Lisa left the automobile industry, once she realized her passion was in sales and customer service. Her past customers are thrilled to now have Lisa as their Realtor! Her passion and drive translate into highly successful transactions and even happier customers. Give Lisa a call, you will love her personality and dedication toward helping you achieve your goals.

Darian Garbiso (Boca Raton)

Darian Garbiso was born and raised in Colorado, where she previously utilized her experience as a
Registered Respiratory Therapist combined with her MBA to take care of clients in the Home Medical
Equipment industry. She and her husband started their company in 1996 and through growing it and
eventually selling it, she ultimately worked with over 300 employees in 5 states as a Regional Senior
She recently retired from that position, moved to Florida, and is now excited to devote her energy and efforts into Real Estate. After buying and selling many houses in the Denver
area, she is excited to transition her experience as a consumer to that of a sales agent, ready to work
enthusiastically and aggressively for her clients.

Miguel “Mike” Rios (Miami/South Florida)

Miguel Angel Rios Sr. is a Real-estate Professional with over 31 years (and counting!) of experience in the
Residential Real Estate industry.

He is a loving husband to Lourdes Maria Blanco (going on 30 happy years- happy wife, happy life!) and proud father of three men: Miguel Angel Rios Jr (40 years old, a General Contractor in the Tampa Bay area), Gabreil Angel Rios (27 years old, student at Princeton
University working toward his PHD in Atmospheric Science), and David Angel Rios (20 years old, working towards his Bachelors degree in Computer Science at Columbia University.)

Miguel and his wife live in Miami Springs, FL with their two dogs- a small shih tzu mix and a golden retriever puppy, who keeps them very occupied! He came from Cuba in 1963, moved to New York, then back to Miami and have lived here for 60 years and counting.

Mike has now joined Imagine Reaty- Mr. Bruno Fernandez and Katie Fernandez are excellent people. He is impressed with their work ethic and all the company has to offer! He has worked
for many brokerages over the years, and this company is one of the best, especially in creating a family atmosphere.
Mike possesses the qualities and skills that make an excellent Real Estate professional- positive attitude, excellent communication, great listener, problem solver, honesty, integrity, attention to detail, market knowledge, and the willingness to be available 24/7.

When he first began in this business, he had to learn quickly with limited help. He never dreamed that he would
last 31 years as a Realtor, and yet here he is! As a true team player, Miguel gladly assists and helps all of the Realtors who are just entering into the business that wanted help and mentorship.

Real Estate is a customer service business. Mike consistently keeps up with Learn the ever-evolving contracts and addenda, sharpening his
skills, communicating throughout his transactions from beginning to end (and with all parties involved), staying in touch with his clients- even after closings- since he has so many happy clients, he loves to work off of referrals, and always leaves his customers highly satisfied!

He services Miami Dade and Broward Counties as a member of the Miami Board of Realtors. He is happy to assist and help the Realtors on the “other side” of his transactions, so that they will not feel lost (especially if they are new), like he felt early on in his career.

Miguel has many years of experience dealing with numerous buyers, sellers, and investors, and he has all of the contacts and institutions that you will need in order to smoothly and successfully close your transaction!  Reach out to him anytime- 24/7- he is ready to help you as well!
Hablo Español

Tiara Young (Boynton Beach/South Florida)

Meet Tiara Young – A Journey From Peach State to Real Estate Reality”
Born in the heart of Passaic, NJ, Tiara Young’s journey led her to the charming landscapes of Clayton County, GA at the age of 3. Raised in a household that valued hard work and treating others with kindness, Tiara was instilled with the belief that dedication reaps reward.
Her very first job interview at the age of 15 shaped her outlook on life. She walked a mile in the downpouring rain with nothing but a trash bag she cut to fit her like a poncho. The manager was impressed with her warm smile and dripping water falling down her strands of hair. Tiara’s unwavering positivity shone through, even when faced with challenges that would deter most. Without even answering an interview question, she was hired on the spot. That was a pivotal moment in which she recognized the power of her ambition and the boundless possibilities that await someone when effort meets enthusiasm. 
Today, Tiara proudly wears the crown of devoted mother. Amidst the challenges of motherhood, she has achieved remarkable success as a top producer in the realm of risk advisory. Now embracing a new chapter, Tiara is poised to guide you on the path to your own oasis. 
Building connections and cultivating a deep-seeded passion, Tiara is committed to helping you turn your aspirations into reality. Let her enthusiasm and expertise light the way as you embark on this exciting journey to find the home you’ve always dreamed of.
“I’m like a real estate Cupid, pairing folks with their perfect haven, swiping right on happiness, one home at a time.”